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idk something wonderful happened today and it just makes me feel so happy every time i think about it ah

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do you think that when fred and george started hogwarts all the teachers were like “ahh more weasleys. lovely. their brothers were such good students i’m sure they’ll be just the same.” and then the twins walked into their first class and just SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS

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In 7th grade I learned the word orgasm and I refused to speak in science class again because I was afraid I would say orgasm instead of organism

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Imagine all of the other Avengers frantically trying to stop Bruce from downloading flappy bird

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a harry potter au where potions is taught by gordon ramsay

#OH GOSH THAT WOULD BE SO GREAT #the seventh years would be terrified but #imagine first year neville longbottom #messing up a potion and FROZEN in fear #and professor ramsay comes over and says ‘no’'it's alright; you stirred just a little too slow' #'it's a normal mistake' #'we can fix it' #and theN TALKS ABOUT HERBOLOGY TO HELP HIM UNDERSTAND POTIONS AND JUST #GOSH

*cries because these tags*

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Happy birthday, Lena Headey! (October 3rd, 1973)

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Fave comic book characters on the big screen: [2/?] Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

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